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Here at ToolTide we believe that industry makes the world go around. You’ll learn all about how to succeed in skilled trades. How to start making repairs and doing whole projects by yourself. Lastly, we’ll show you the best tools for the job to make these projects and fast and easy as possible so you can move on to more advanced projects.

Skilled Trades: We’ll introduce you to the fastest growing trades, showing you what to expect and what it takes to have a successful career or hobby in the skilled trades.

Do It Yourself: You can save time and complete an infinite number of cool projects to improve your life. While some of these projects can be hard and time consuming we’ll lay out the steps you need to take or just give you some ideas to implement in your next project.

Best Tools: Among all the different types of tools there are brands vying for your money. We’ll lay out some of the best brands and types of tools so you don’t either waste your money on something you don’t need or you skimp on something you really shouldn’t.